THREE.js Phoenix Preloader

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THREE.js Phoenix Preloader

Post by Administrator » Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:10 pm

This project shows you how to create a THREE.js preloader for the assets of a game or a application, it also puts the browser into fullscreen mode. There are problems with the imports of java scripts if you can figure it out your sorted (the problem occurs when loading modules that contain there own imports). But anyway javascripts are quite small anyway. This project will happily preload large audio and image files as well as fonts.

What the project does

Loads all the files required before an application is launched.
Offers accurate progress, by getting file sizes for the head requests
activates user gesture at an appropriate time
show a simple slideshow while the user is waiting
creates a THREE.js scene for a potential menu system

This project is ideal for demonstration of technologies.
Link to THREE.js preloader

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