Transform phrases for quantity and gender

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Transform phrases for quantity and gender

Post by Administrator » Sun Jun 14, 2020 5:16 pm

Transforms from the pronouns

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Ser (to be)

Singular 	| Plural
Soy 	 	| Somos
eres 	 	| Sóis
es	 	| Son

I am 			- Yo Soy
You are 		- Tú eres
he is 			- él es
she is 			- ella es
you are 		- usted es (formal)
we are 			- nosotros somos
You all 		- vosotros Sóis (only in spain)
They are (both gender) 	- ellos son
They are (female) 	- ellas son
You are (formal) 	- ustedes son

He is tall - él es alto
She is tall - ella es alta
He is brunette - él es moreno
She is brunette - ella es morena

I am blonde - Yo Soy rubio
He is serious - él es serio
She is shy - ella es tímida
He is shy - él es tímido
You are generous - Tú eres generosa

quantity add an s to plural

match the adjective to the pronouns

They are honest - ellos son honestos
We are funny - nosotros somos cómicos
They are pretty (female) - ellas son bonitas

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