Non linguistic Website Communication Principles

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Non linguistic Website Communication Principles

Post by Administrator » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:01 pm

Non linguistic Communication Principles

Although it may be obvious for those people who have ever had a electrical device which plays back something, to expect a triangle to trigger this event. normally black. or a red circle to record something.

Color can represent both positive and negative action, but what colors they seem a little obscure. I guess there could be three colors representing positive, neutral and negative

a simple animation illustration of an action could be self explanatory

A picture says a thousand words, bitmap images could be used to indicate a situation or condition.

Time is universal despite the offset, time is represented in many different forms but constant.

Base 10 Math
Integers are universal, so the numbers between 0-9 could be used for global communication.

Country Flags
All known country flags are a good means of specifying what country something is from or a target of content.

Font Awesome
Font Awesome is a example of a free method of universal communication, but not very efficient. Symbols can be confusing, there nice for appearance and some functional purposes but the shear size of it, make this a problem. I believe that the goal of Font Awesome is to create the largest icon library possible but not thinking bout understanding what they actually mean.

All Humans have faces, well i hope so. Facial expressions have been in use for millions of years to detect meaning.

Example of a standard

ISO 7001 - Public Information Symbols

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